What We Offer

Coffee & More

We offer a wide selection of brewed and hot flavours of coffee accompanied with the taste of spiced up Indian dishes from the farwaway land. 

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Tired after a long day’s work and want to enjoy some good food? We have an excellent takeaway system which saves up on your time and drives away the exhaution of waiting to enjoy a good meal.

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Want to enjoy a good meal from the comforts of your home? Our delivery system is tailor-made to increase your convenience. Now have your meal snuggled in warm comforts. 

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Dine in

Our delicious range of exotic delicacies are the perfect end to a long day of work. Hop in and enjoy our quality dine-in service and have a fulfilling experience.

Brewing Guide

The secret to our perfect and delicious brews are no secret at all! We prepare them with utmost care and affection and with a passion to serve our customers needs the best and that enhances the flavours. 

Why Choose Us

We will be your ideal equivalent to a good company. Not only can you enjoy an array of delicious dishes and hot, tasty brewing deliciousness, but also enjoy the following services that we provide.

New Flavors

Taste the exotic flavours from India and enjoy an array of unique, wonderful dishes. We serve up some excellent choices for coffee as well.

Best Music

With good food, good music is an essential requirement. Our quintessential fusion of Indian and western music creates the perfect mood.

Easy Location

We are located on 3 Gehrke Road, Plainland, QLD and are easily identifiable. You do not have to venture far for a tasty and healthy meal now!